Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Catholic procession

On Sunday, August 31st, Gopal and Krishna's longtime friend, Aatreyee, brought her new husband, Bal Chander, came to visit from Karaikal. We went for breakfast in the French section of Puducherry and had a very good meal. We had a little trouble finding the restaurant. B.C. takes pictures in quick succession, and I wish I could post them all.
Then we went to the shoreline promenade, then driving around looking for a real beach. We found a new shoreline area with a little beach.

B.C., Krishna, Gopal

Krishna, Carolyn, Aatreyee, B.C.
They decided to stay another day, so I took Aatreyee to the beauty parlor while Krishna and I got our nails done. The spa looked good, but the services provided were terrible in many ways. I understand from my Indian companions that other beauty parlors do provide good, hygienic services.

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